effortless hair removal

Our Bouncing Bear Paws are made of high quality material, which is reusable, durable and sturdy. Gets more then 2 1/4 times hair then lint rollers.

Solves multiple problems

Our Bouncing Bear Paws not only removes lint, animal hair or other hair from clothes, jackets and blankets, but also helps reduce limescale, rust and lime build-up in washing machines, and removes dusts and smell. Also helps from clothes clumping and sticking together in the washing machine and dryer. Reduces drying time and wrinkles. Note: For some very short pet hair, the effect may not be obvious, but there are still many benefits for your clothes.

Convenience at your disposal

No more need to remove hair by hand. With our Bouncing Bear Paws, you just put these in the washing machine, turn on spin mode, or you can put them in the dryer with your clothes.

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